Whale Watching Reports

Daily Whale Watching Notes

Each day we request one of our guests to fill out the daily Whale Watching Report. You could be next.

Here's a listing of our reports from the current season.

Date: 26/Sep/19

Report by: Chloe

From: BC


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.).. It was a windy, wavy day out there, but that didnt bother the wildlife! We found humpback whales in Weynton Pass, including Conger; four more humpbacks (Stitch, Argonaut, Claw and Ripple) were in Blackfish Sound. Steller sea lions were popping up all around us throughout the day. Dalls porpoises and orcas made a quick appearance in the rip, but the highlight was definitely watching Quartz the humpback lunge-feeding! Repeatedly!... Additional Comments:... A beautiful sunny day to close off the season, with a great group of people, amazing crew and delicious food! Thank you so much for such an amazing summer; it was incredible.

Date: 25/Sep/19

Report by: Cassandra O'Neil

From: Halifax, Nova Scotia


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.).. After picking up passengers in Alert Bay, we spent time off the shores of Hanson Island and area. We saw PLENTY of orca, porpoise and humpback whales. Few even came alongside the boat, especially the Dalls porpoise. Sea lions, harbour seals and eagles were a bonus. Highlight was a breaching humpback!.. Additional Comments:... Staff were EXTREMELY knowledgeable in marine research and history. Specifically the current and historical research of the native orcas. What we learned with Mackay Whale Watching is something you can only learn from people whove dedicated their lives to these species; such an AMAZING, UNIQUE experience!

Date: 23/Sep/19

Report by: Jordan

From: no fixed address


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.)... Today we headed out to the east. We found humpback whales first, an amazing 11 of them in total. We got great ID shots of the flukes so we could know who they were. Then Bill took us into the Johnstone Strait for killer whales! We found a pile of residents from the G clan and one little one seemed especially playful. After lunch we saw sea lions and eagle and then ever more humpbacks, including Argonaut! To end the day we did a cruise past Alert Bay and had some delicious desserts.... Additional Comments:... Thank you so much Bill, Donna and Marieke for a fantastic experience and I cant wait to be back out again!

Date: 20/Sep/19

Report by: Matt Collis

From: Nature Trek, UK


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.)... Huge rafts of red-necked phalarope and gliding Sooty Shearwater were top bird sightings, among the many murre, common loon and rhino auklets. A stunning day of back to back cetacean action with a family of five orca and more humpbacks than you keep track of. Trap feeding humpback was a stand moment and an honour to see. ... Additional Comments: ... Although wildlife is the focus, the attitude and approach of those guiding us is always what I ultimately judge a trip on. The warm, genuine and connection-based atmosphere created took the experience to that higher level I aspire for myself. Thank you and please keep going in the same vein.

Date: 19/Sep/19

Report by: JB Swanson

From: sourhern Gulf Islands, BC


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) Humpbacks, Steller sea lions, resident orca, Dalls porpoises. Additional Comments: Felt very welcomed by skipper and staff. Knowledge level was high. Captain was respectful of wildlife. Good times!

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