Whale Watching Reports

Daily Whale Watching Notes

Each day we request one of our guests to fill out the daily Whale Watching Report. You could be next.

Here's a listing of our reports from the current season.

Date: 29/Aug/16

Report by: Lee

From: Sointula, BC


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) Saw A30 pod plus I15 pod of orca; mom and baby humpback; orcas swimming under the boat; just seeing any whale anywhere is so humbling and inspiring. Additional Comments: Love Bills informative talks. You guys have such respect for all sea life you encounter and great enthusiasm and integrity.

Date: 28/Aug/16

Report by: Victoria

From: Vancouver, BC


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) Orca, humpbacks and a bear on the beach! Additional Comments: Best whale watching because of the Mackays!

Date: 27/Aug/16

Report by: Jade deTrey

From: Courtenay, BC


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) WOW! I had such a great time! We went up by Robson Bight (almost) and saw tons of orcas for at least 1-2 hours. Bill records the sounds the whales make underwater. They make beautiful sounds. We saw sea lions and the blow spouts of humpback whales. Additional Comments: Good lunch and great information about the whales from the hosts Bill and Marieke. Beautiful day with the whales!

Date: 26/Aug/16

Report by: Christy Whitmore

From: Port Hardy, BC


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) We started out our trip in the beautiful North Island mist and flat calm waters. Saw I15, I27 and A30 pods of killer whales. They put on a great show breaching and frolicking in the morning waters. Then off to see sea lions, then on to the majestic humpbacks; 5 of them including Squiggles and Argonaut. To finish it all off, we saw I4s around Stubbs Island. Additional Comments: Lots of fun with Bill and Marieke as ou hosts. The best in the North Island!

Date: 25/Aug/16

Report by: Leslie Brown

From: Victoria, BC


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) We started out in heavy fog but managed to see lots of sea lions lounging and bellowing on a rock. The fog did lift after an hour or so and we had the best scenery in the world to look at. Orcas at Robson Bight. Fantastic lunch while listening to their calls underwater. Porpoises, dolphins, eagles and humpbacks  lots. Additional Comments: Captain and crew were friendly, funny and fully of great information about everything. One of the best holiday decisions I ever made.

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