Whale Watching Reports

Daily Whale Watching Notes

Each day we request one of our guests to fill out the daily Whale Watching Report. You could be next.

Here's a listing of our reports from the current season.

Date: 23/Aug/17

Report by: Ash Ferlito

From: Brooklyn, NYC


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) Started off with a black bear, multiple eagles past Alert Bay, then spent a wonderful stretch following the A30 pod of orcas with juveniles rolling and spyhopping. Rhinoceros auklets, common murres, glaucous gulls and Bonapartes gulls today lead us to humpbacks trap feeding. We saw 17 humpbacks in all  Freckles & Galaxy! A spectacular day. Additional Comments: Captain Bill and Marieke were great hosts, enthusiastic and generous and made sure we had an incredible experience  I have a feeling no matter what wildlife did or didnt show up, youd leave this boat with a smile. Thanks guys!

Date: 22/Aug/17

Report by: Bronwyn Grissom

From: St. Maries, Idaho, USA


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) Malcolm Island, 2 humpbacks, Johnstone Strait, too many orcas to count; Pacific white-sided dolphins followed us a long way. Many humpback whales off Donegal Head. Steller sea lions too. Additional Comments: A great day! Our second trip in 2 weeks and work every penny! A very knowledgeable and sharing crew who worked hard to find us as much to see as possible using every minute to the fullest. We enjoyed it more than some of the other whale watching trips we have taken in the area! Lunch was yummy too.

Date: 21/Aug/17

Report by: Beatrix & family

From: Brazil, living in Germany


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) We went all over the area and saw a lot! We enjoyed watching for a long time the many, many orca families! After a delicious lunch, we found a spot with several (5 or more) humpback whales; they were going for fishes!! Close by the boat, one of them opened his big mouth for us!! Also, we observed sea lions, bald eagle and several other birds in the water. Additional Comments: It was really an experience to see all the orcas close by the boat playing and swimming around in groups. The same with the humpbacks so close to the boat catching their meal!! The tour was definitely MORE than we expected it to be! Thank you for the wonderful day!

Date: 20/Aug/17

Report by: Tracey Steer & family

From: Guildford, Surrey, UK


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) Orca whales, humpback whale, a bear on the beach, Dalls porpoises, dolphins, salmon fishing seiner. Additional Comments: Fabulous! Cant believe weve seen so much amazing wildlife. Bill and Donna are fabulous and knowledgeable hosts (and very amusing!). Thank you for such wonderful memories our family will have for a lifetime!

Date: 18/Aug/17

Report by: Arlene Erven

From: Ontario


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) A day of morning rain was immediately brightened by an encounter with a pod of Biggs transient killer whales (the T100s). As we made our way into Johnstone Strait, there were orcas everywhere fishing for salmon  G clan. The Gs and G16s.One male was particularly noticeable because of the deformity of the tip of his dorsal fin, G39. Other highlights were dozens of Dalls porpoises. Additional Comments: Two humpback whales and a colony of seals. A great day on the water.

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