Whale Watching Reports

Daily Whale Watching Notes

Each day we request one of our guests to fill out the daily Whale Watching Report. You could be next.

Here's a listing of our reports from the current season.

Date: 21/Jun/16

Report by: Mackays'

From: Port McNeill, BC


Our first official trip of the 2016 season will be on July 4! We're really looking forward to the new season!

Date: 24/Sep/15

Report by: Wendy Davis

From: Sointula, BC


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) What a wonderful wet, wild and windy day aboard the Naiad! We saw snow geese, quite a few humpback whales feeding on herring, sooty shearwaters and a large and boisterous group of Pacific white-sided dolphins. And to top it off, we spotted a mother black bar with FOUR cubs on the way home! Additional Comments: Thank you so much, Bill, Donna, and Nicole Mackay, Marieke and Amber for another wonderful season on the Naiad!

Date: 22/Sep/15

Report by: James Howard

From: California


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) Within one hour of the start of our trip, we saw over a dozen humpback whales and a group of curious sea lions. We then encountered a young orca that spent a half hour close to the boat  amazing! We didnt think this day could get any better, but a pair of humpbacks approached the boat, rolling and swimming around us  so close that telephoto lenses became worthless. One swam upside down, under the boat! It took our breath away! Additional Comments: Completely exceeded our expectations. The crew was fun and informative.

Date: 19/Sep/15

Report by: Sara Girletz

From: Alberta


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) We saw about seven humpbacks and countless sea lions. The humpbacks were very playful. Two humpbacks breached and had the crew in complete awe. Other activity included on humpback tailing for a couple of minutes. It was quite the show. Many sea lions popped their heads up for a bit as well. Additional Comments: Great trip, great crew who are very knowledgeable and ethical in their practices. Its almost as if Bill Mackay is a whale whisperer, knowing exactly where they are and what their habits will be. This was a once in a lifetime experience for me and Im happy I was aboard with Mackay Whale Watching for it.

Date: 18/Sep/15

Report by: Nancy Fournier

From: San Diego, California


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) We had an amazing day on the water. We saw 9 transient orca whales in the morning. And then the Captain found a nice smooth area and we had a nice lunch of warm soup, buns & butter and juice. We then saw 4 humpback whales who swam really close to the boat. On our way back to Port McNeill we encountered the same transient orca whales again. They were breaching and spyhopping and being very playful. Additional Comments: Super nice boat. Warm. Great crew! Nice lunch, desserts, etc. Feel like the captain went to great lengths to ensure all guests had a nice time. I definitely will be back again soon!

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