Whale Watching Reports

Daily Whale Watching Notes

Each day we request one of our guests to fill out the daily Whale Watching Report. You could be next.

Here's a listing of our reports from the current season.

Date: 28/Jul/15

Report by: Myranda Mongeling

From: The Netherlands


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) - This was an amazing trip. Not only did we see killer whales, softly moving along the shore, a little family with calves, we could follow them for quite a long time. Also we saw humpback whales in three different spots. Showing their backs and their tails. In an eagle nest on the shore there was a big young eagle. Additional Comments: Of course, seeing these amazing animals is a moving experience, exciting! But to hear all the stories about their history, which is partly great, partly horrifying, is very impressive. They know so much about these animals and they know how to tell a story. The weather was fantastic, always these blue far away mountains as the background. Great lunch too! There is not one word to describe this fantastic experience. SO I will use three: moving, exciting and unforgettable!!! Thanks, and youre a great family.

Date: 27/Jul/15

Report by: Sophie & Leah

From: Germany & Vancouver


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) - A group of sea otters north of Malcolm Island; - Sea lions sunbathing and jumping in front of the boat to get attention; - A number of humpback whales surfacing; - Two groups of Northern Resident Orcas (A30, A34, A46) close to the boat, with a calf, fishing, surround the boat close to Port Hardy. Additional Comments: Wow, what an experience seeing orcas up close in the wild! The boat is quiet so they arent scared away, and I was stunned at how Bill was able to find these groups. Amazing! You cant really put this amazing experience into words; it will become a very precious memory. Thanks, Bill!

Date: 26/Jul/15

Report by: Rolf Frey

From: Switzerland


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) We had a lot of fun on this boat, and a lot to see! Whales (humpbacks) and killer whales (6 of them with a baby!), seals, eagles and a lot of other birds. Thanks to the unbelievable captain Bill Mackay. For sure we would do a second time, as we went already yesterday! Thanks to you, Bill, and your nice members of your crew! Additional Comments: The boat is just fantastic! Fast, stable, reliable and perfect for whale watching!

Date: 25/Jul/15

Report by: Julie

From: Columbus, Ohio


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) We made a special stop at Alert Bay to pick up the chief and his wife. So interesting to hear his stories about life in the area! We loved the bird feeding frenzy and watching the bald eagles with their young. We saw a handful of feeding humpbacks spread about and of course, orcas. There was a handsome family of orcas traveling about with a male with a somewhat shredded dorsal. Also Pacific white-sided dolphins! Additional Comments: Beautiful scenery with orcas! Delicious soup and even more delicious desserts. Fun staff and interesting orca lesson by Bill. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your area!

Date: 24/Jul/15

Report by: Jessica and Marc

From: New Zealand


Trip Highlights: (where we went, what we saw, etc.) Had an awesome day on the water! Saw lots of orcas from the A and G clans. Also saw humpback whales, porpoises and bald eagles and their chicks. Highly recommended! Additional Comments: Fantastic crew and delicious lunch! The Naiad is a great fast vessel, so more time spent watching whales and less time in transit.

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