Whale Watching Tours with Mackay Whale Watching

Vancouver Island Killer Whale - Orca

Join the Mackay family, pioneers in killer whale watching in BC, for a cruise aboard the most innovative certified passenger vessel on the British Columbia coast.

Our 55 ft. vessel, the "??Naiad Explorer"??, offers comfort, heat and washroom facilities for our whale watching passengers. Launched in April of 1999, it has been designed to minimize underwater sound generated by props and engines, thus decreasing any impact we may have upon whales or other marine mammals.

These educational and entertaining whale watching tours are approximately four to five hours in duration and lunch is provided. You will learn the latest information about the killer whales (Orcinus orca) and be able to listen in on the whales'?? vocalizations with our on-board hydrophone (underwater microphone). The chances of observing killer whales and other whales are extremely good, however, we cannot guarantee sightings. Remember to dress warmly; it'??s cool out on the water, even in the middle of summer!

Other species that frequent the area are Minke whales, Pacific White-sided dolphins, Dall'??s porpoises, harbour seals, Steller sea lions, humpback whales and a wide variety of sea birds.

Daily tours, from early July to October, depart at 10:00 a.m. from Port McNeill, the hub of Northern Vancouver Island, BC. Our Mackay Whale Watching office is located at 1514 Broughton Blvd.  Our local telephone number is (250) 956-9865.

Whales are not the only thing you may see when Whale Watching

2020 Tour Prices & Details

Our rate for this extraordinary whalewatching tour is $130.00(Canadian funds) per person, which includes 5% Goods and Services Tax. Group and family discounts are available. 

Our simple lunch is soup, buns and dessert - pleased note that the soup is catered to us daily. Those persons with dietary restrictions are advised to bring something along to augment the lunch provided.

Why choose Mackay Whale Watching?

We offer one of the most advanced whale watching boats in BC, Canada and the world. This high speed craft can travel to the killer whales. If there are whales to be found we'll do our best to let you see them!

The Mackay Family have been involved in whale watching in BC for 30 years now and Bill and Donna were instrumental in obtaining Ecological Reserve status for Robson Bight! they have logged thousands of hours, tens of thousands of sightings and more. In June 2012 we were honoured to receive a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. We are proud members of the North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association. We welcome you to join us in our world of whale watching in BC.